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How do I get a pair of NovaPED exclusive sandals?

1. Configure your model

Ideally, you should put together your own personal model before you visit your nearest NovaPED exclusive partner. This can be done from the comfort of your own home. With our configurator, you can click through the many design possibilities in your own time and put together your perfect model.

Once you have put together your desired model, enter your personal data, download your configuration and print it out. Take the printout of your configuration with you to your meeting!

Jetzt konfigurieren

2. Arrange a meeting with your nearest exclusive partner

To ensure your sandals fit perfectly, your feet need to be measured and the strap may need to be adjusted by our NovaPED exclusive partner in your area.

Your nearest NovaPED exclusive partner is easy to find: click on ‘exclusive partners’ in the menu. When you enter your postcode, the closest NovaPED exclusive partners will be displayed, together with their opening hours and contact information. Don’t forget to bring your configuration printout showing your desired model with you!

Jetzt Händler finden

3. What happens at the meeting?

First, there is the consultation: when it comes to the comfort of your feet, the orthopaedic craftsman is always the right person to contact. As an expert, he can offer you the right advice, including with regard to our NovaPED exclusive sandals. In addition to the know-how, our NovaPED exclusive partners also have the technology required to create an individually adjusted footbed.

For the wellness footbed, your foot is initially measured on the premises of our NovaPED exclusive partner, either using a scanner or by stepping in foot impression foam. This is used to match the footbed, which is individually constructed afterwards, to the anatomy of your foot. Alternatively, the length and breadth of your feet can be determined using sets of prefabricated templates. How the measuring takes place depends on the method of the NovaPED exclusive partner and can vary. Our partner then measures your foot to work out the precise breadth of strap required.

Our NovaPED exclusive partner then has all the information and technical details we need to produce your tailored and individual sandals. He sends the information to us and, around three weeks later, you receive your customised pair of NovaPED exclusive sandals.

4. How is a pair of NovaPED exclusive sandals made?

The combination of state-of-the-art CNC milling technology with careful manual work and high-quality leather and materials leads to the creation of a first-class tailored product – made in Germany.

The particular anatomy of the footbed not only supports the length of the arch, it also beds the heel accordingly, so that the overstepping typical of sandals is prevented. Measuring your feet guarantees a perfect fit in the toe divider area, in order to avoid clawing of the toes. On request, our NovaPED exclusive partners can mount and adjust the straps while you wear the sandals.